Why Ayurveda?

Every medicine of every disease is in our natural yard. Nature is the physician for any kinds of diseases in the world. Ayurved is the science of health & healing and of life. It is an encyclopedia of ancient medical wisdom. The object of Ayurveda is to counteract the imbalance of the three essential elements like – Vita (air) , Patti (bile)  and Kappa (phlegm) . These three elements constitute the triodes from which the human body originates; the triode regularizes the normal working of the human body.

India, due to its unique variety of geographical & climatic factors has had a rich and varied flora of the medicinal plants since the Vedic period. A major portion of our people are even used the plants as home remedies in the rural and remotest parts of the country since long but they do not know the sincetific therapeutic value of the drugs according to the role of human body system and dosage as well as correct identification of the crude herbal drugs. Ayurveda had never been   static, its practitioner’s had been innovative and dynamic in the therapeutic practice and carried on clinical trials out of the local flora and discovered newer medicine with same therapeutic values.

The western / modern world has slowly started the appreciating value and understanding the basic comprehensive philosophy of Ayurveda. Not only that they have already been included traditional herbal medicine in their Health Program and used for treatment of their patients randomly because its effectiveness, negligible adverse & side effects, easily availability, in expensiveness and environment friendly.

To achieve better health for all nations only Allopathic system of medicine is not enough, existing others scientific system of medicine have also a significant role. Scientifically proved Ayurvedic and plant based medicine’s demand is growing up rapidly all over our country and also abroad. So   it is time to integrate every medical science for being ensure rational and cost effective treatment of our nation.